About Us

Today, O’Rourke Contracting Plc is the result of over thirty years of quality work. Originally established in 1980 as O’Rourke Construction and Surfacing Ltd, Sean O’Rourke’s family firm quickly established a strong base in London and the South East, impressing clients with our professional approach.

Initially specialising in road surfacing, we gradually expanded into civil engineering, and demand from the industry ensured that this became an equally important specialism.

Our early business centred on the private sector, but over the years our public sector work has flourished alongside it, with many local authorities in the South East contracting us for substantial work.

March 2011 saw the acquisition of the company by an investment consortium – entrepreneurs with a strong record of developing and expanding businesses, and a reputation for far-sighted planning. The dynamic process of evolution into O’Rourke Contracting Plc had begun. Our strong foundations and powerful, forward-thinking team mean we’re perfectly geared to meet the needs and future challenges of our growing client base.

"Our clients include some of the biggest names in the construction world. We're proud that we regularly surpass their expectations."

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